What to Do

The Vestal Street and Loines Obervatories

Vestal Street

Located next door to the Mitchell Home, the Vestal Street Obervatory is still a place of discovery.
The Observatory hosts internships for young scientists investigating topics of current interest in astronomy using both telescopes on the site and the best radio and optical telescopes in the nation.

Exhibits include an outdoor scale-model of the solar system, a planar sundial, sunspot observations (when clear), and a permanent astronomy exhibit. In the summer, public programs also include children's classes in astronomy and talks by visiting and resident astronomers.

Loines Observatory

The Loines Observatory, located on Milk Street extension, is home to the Mitchell Association's new 24-inch research telescope, as well as older instruments. Loines is open for public viewing on a regular schedule year round, and for frequent special astronomical events.

Loines is located on Milk St. Extension, across from the cemetery. Private party viewings can also be arranged.


Need to know

Address: 3 Vestal Street

Milk Street extension

Organization: Maria Mitchell Association

Telephone: 508-228-9273

Website: www.mmo.org


10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Tues - Sat


Adults: $10

Children: $8

Ticket includes admisstion to all Maria Mitchell Association museums and aquarium.